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L’Europe, ça décoiffe

How to engage citizens in the global conversation about the future of the European Union? How to make the decision mechanisms of the EU comprehensible for the broader public? How to explain the importance of voting at the European elections?

Inspired by an experience run in Argentina, “L’Europe, ça decoiffe” is a communication project aiming at awakening the interest for the EU decision process and politics for the general audience and voters.

The application, submitted to a call of the EU Parliament in 2018, was granted with more than 30.000 euros to train hairdressers and barbers about how the EU works and to share this knowledge with their clients at their shops.

In this way, the typical distance of the audience to this kind of topics was reduced by activating a network of “ambassadors”: the hairdressers.

My role was was to conceive, draft and submit this project.

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