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Gala Dinner – European Academy of Design

“Crafting the future” was the theme of the conference, which focused on designers’ practical knowledge. How can the specific knowledge of designers be brought forward, articulated, made visible, and be understood and used in contexts like innovation, business development and social change?

The main hosting organisation, the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), hired TILLT, the innovation agency where I was working in 2013.

As part of the team taking care of international relations, my role was to support the action conceived by TILLT to promote the networking and the reflection of the delegates from all over Europe.

During the Gala Dinner, each table had a box with everyday household materials (such as sponges, tape, thread…) and the delegates sitting at the same table were asked to create, during the meal, a collaborative sculpture by using the objects provided and by representing their common feature.

In a night that was dedicated to the hybrid nature of each human, it was the perfect scheme to make the designers engage in a conversation about commonalities and roots.

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