EU funding & project management

EU project financing services

The European Union is a key financial partner to local projects, as a provider of funding and know-how. Mastering the technique to file a successful project application is part of the strategic set of competencies that I have acquired through the years.

When it comes to the development of an organisation, the international dimension is a key factor to financial sustainability, knowledge transfer, and brand development.

My experience includes the auditing of the needs and opportunities, the potential partners and themes, in conceiving an effective strategy and its implementation. The funds of the European Union, among other international grants, are  crucial to a successful and resilient path for the international development of any organisation.

Consulting: analysing the problem, defining needs, resources, constraints, production of recommendations as deliverables. The advising work can include more orientations according to the needs of the client. For example, to produce elements to support the decision making process or make the case for a development path and its implementation.

In addition to advice, I provide support to the implementation of strategies and recommendations, in assisting the effort of the teams involved (shaping ideas into proposals, technical writing, data collection and analysis).

Training: capacity building on topics such as EU funding, internationalization, cross-cultural skills and relevant topics.

Outsourcing: project elaboration and application to EU calls for funding. Conceiving ideas, drafting of intermediary documents and projects, lobbying, creation of partnerships; This also comprises coordination of meetings and production of events, online, offline and hybrid gatherings. Management of approved projects, implementation of the activities, outputs delivery, follow-up of results and evaluation of impacts. Technical support to financial auditing and certification of expenditures.

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