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The Grand Tour – BBC 2

In 2023 British production companies Zinc Media and Rex TV worked for the national broadcaster BBC to produce a brand new show inspired by the historical Grand Tour in Italy. I have been hired to assist the conception and the production of the episode shot in Venice, as an author and a contributor.

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Turin International Book Fair

In 2014 I have been invited as a guest contributor at the Turin international book fair in Italy, in the frame of the initiatives of the Marche Regional Council. The purpose of my presence was to present different regional development practices linked to culture as a vector for territorial development and in particular for the “Distretto culturale evoluto di Urbino e del Montefeltro”.
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PordenoneLegge is one of the most prominent literature festivals of Italy. In September 2004 I have been a guest author presenting a sample of my work as a writer and blogger, in a time when scholars where investigating the impact of online publishing platforms on literature and novel production.

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Radio Deejay – Citofonare Passoni

This Italian radio network features a special yearly coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, named “Citofonare Passoni” for its host Diego Passoni. In 2022 I have supported their work as an author and guest of the live streamed show covering the Final of this pan European music competition.