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Break-in the Desk

Imagine what would happen to mix public managers, engineers, business owners and artists and to ask them to solve a problem.

Break-in the Desk was a 3 year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, to create a shared method to facilitate the collaboration between artists & policy makers.

It featured a platform of a cross-cultural european community where businesses and PAs could propose challenges to artists and creatives. The solutions are reached by artistic interventions, art projects, public art etc. involving employees and the audience. The challenges could be in any field such as financial, prototyping, innovation, HR, marketing, communication, social inclusion, diversity, immigration etc.

This new project brings together European artists and creative professionals with the corporate world. Participants sign up to the platform, and are trained to boost their entrepreneurial skills. Next step is a so-called ‘Break-in-action’: the artist comes to work in a SME or company outside the cultural world, bringing fresh ideas on how to spur innovation and enhance organisational values.

Born in the framework of Erasmus + KA2 project “BreakIn The Desk”, the Creative Project Canvas is an innovative tool developed to help artists, creative and cultural organizations to reflect on the sustainability of their past, present and future projects.

If you belong to creative and cultural sector and you want to develop entrepreneurial skills do not miss this opportunity and visit

The project is coordinated by Matera Hub, the local development agency of the City of Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019. My role was to coordinated the project for the activities in Nantes and in France, as project leader for the Agency of Urban redevelopment of the Isle of Nantes (SAMOA).

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