European Creative Industries Alliance

We hear about the importance of knowledge and creativity in our daily lives and in our working environment. But how we can actually support the cultural and creative sector, to thrive and contribute to a sustainable economic growth?

The European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) was an integrated policy initiative that combined policy learning with eight concrete actions on innovation vouchers, better access to finance, cluster excellence, and cooperation. The policy learning platform was the main achievement of the EU funded project.
My role was to coordinate the project from an operational and financial point of view at SAMOA (Redevelopment agency of the Isle of Nantes) as one of the six partners.
In addition, I steered the team working on the transfer of knowledge in the field of cross-sectoral innovation and internationalisation of SMEs in the sector of cultural and creative industries.
The project was financed by the Competitiveness and Innovation programme of the European Union.

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